Supabets Aviator

Thanks to the plethora of online betting sites which accommodate South African gamblers, it’s always great for one to settle at a platform that’s all-encompassing in terms of the products it offers. Settling at a platform that allows one to enjoy all sorts of gambling activities under one roof from casino games to sports betting ensures that there isn’t any need to constantly switch sites/apps when moving from one gambling product to another. An incredible one-stop online gambling platform whose products cater both to casino players and sports punters is Supabets South Africa.  A few other sites you can find Aviator on include:

Among the many casino games which Supabets offers is the hugely popular and most trending game right now that is, Aviator. The Aviator game which comes with straightforward gameplay rules, a simple user interface and the ability to churn out handsome payouts has won the hearts and minds of multitudes of South African gamers. All those eager to try out the game albeit accessing it on the Supabets platform will simply need to check out the guide below.   

Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Aviator Game on Supabets South Africa  

  1. Step number one is visiting the Supabets South Africa official site which is available at A thing to note here is that you can visit the site using any device of your choice. Those who prefer playing in the comfort of their own homes can conveniently do so via the desktop. Those eager to enjoy their favourite game even when on the go can access Supabets via mobile devices 
  2. When you land on the homepage, you need to navigate to the menu bar which appears on the top of the screen. On this menu bar, you need to click the ‘Register’ button and then proceed to fill out the registration form so that you get your own Supabets account portal. Note that the registration process is a one-time thing hence once you set it up all you will need to do in future to access your account portal is to simply undertake the login process – you do this by launching the homepage and proceed to click the ‘Login’ button and input your security credentials   
  3. For player convenience, the Aviator game has its own tab (button) on the menu bar. This in essence means once you access your account portal, you simply need to head over to the menu bar and proceed to click the Aviator tab   
  4. The moment you click the Aviator tab, you are instantly redirected to the live game action. Note that Aviator is a live game which runs 24/7 in real-time. This therefore means upon launching the game, you will find it in play – either the betting window will be open hence prompting you to place your bet forthwith or it will be closed hence the current game round still in play. If the current game round is still in play, you need not wait for long before it ends and in turn, get your chance to place your bet  
  5. After placing your bet, all that is left is to wait for the game round to start and hence take the appropriate decision during the gaming session. The decision you take will determine whether you win or not. Well, from our side, we give you our best regards.    

Round Off 

Among the many great attributes of Supabets is the mere fact that it allows players to try out most if not all of its games in two modes. There is the demo mode and the real money mode. This in essence means that players can try out games including Aviator for free hence grasp key playing tips and game rules for free. After mastering the rules and playing strategies, they can then proceed to play for real and stand a chance of winning real money payouts.