Goldrush Aviator

Online gambling can be equated to scavenging for precious minerals deep down under the earth’s crust. If you do your research before digging, you will most likely strike gold when you unearth the precious minerals hidden deep down. Likewise, when you do your research before placing your bets be it sports betting bets or casino game bets, you will luckily strike gold and scoop handsome big wins. It’s against this background therefore that one of South Africa’s top online gambling platforms made a masterstroke decision in aptly naming itself, Goldrush Sportsbook and Casino.   

As Goldrush operates as both a sportsbook and casino, it means that it accommodates the needs of all types of gamblers. On the casino games front, Goldrush works with multiple software developers meaning that it offers hundreds of casino games. Every now and then, it updates its game lobby to add some latest game releases. One of the games added to the casino in recent times is the much popular Aviator game. this game can be enjoyed both in demo mode and real money mode when accessed at Goldrush.  The other popular sites include: Hollywoodbets Aviator and Betway Aviator.

Whether you intend to play the Aviator game in demo mode or real money mode at Goldrush, you should first be a registered member. In the section to follow, we will highlight all the steps you need to take in setting up your Goldrush account. Afterwards, we will share the steps to take in accessing the Aviator game on Goldrush.     

How to Register an Account at Goldrush South Africa 

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Upon reaching the landing page, head over to the header tab and click the ‘Sign Up’ button  
  3. On the first part of the registration process, enter your mobile phone number and input your preferred password  
  4. Click the ‘Next’ button to head over to the next part of the registration form 
  5. Provide the requested details. Namely, these include your first name, surname, ID/Passport number, date of birth, email (optional), gender, income source (salary, loan, pension, investments, savings, inheritance, or self-employed)
  6. Choose how you want to verify your account. The options available are SMS or email 
  7. Check your SMS/email for Goldrush’s message containing the verification code 
  8. Copy the code and paste it on the ‘Enter your SMS code’ tab and proceed to click the ‘Send’ button 
  9. Go through Goldrush’s Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy and if you agree with everything, confirm your acceptance by clicking the Ts and Cs box. Note that in doing this, you will be confirming that you are above the age of 18
  10. Complete the process by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button to become the newest player at Goldrush South Africa.  

*Once you complete the registration process, you won’t need to repeat it. Rather, whenever you want to access your account portal in future, all you need is to undertake the login process. To do this, simply head over to the header tab from the landing page. Click the ‘Login’ button and proceed to input your security credentials on the login form that appears. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Aviator Game on Goldrush South Africa  

  1. Start by visiting the official page at
  2. On the landing page, head over to the header tab and click the ‘Login’ button to access your account portal. If you haven’t registered an account yet, then opt for the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow the registration steps outlined above to become a Goldrush registered member     
  3. Utilise the menu bar and search for the ‘Aviator’ link. You will find it at the bottom of the list     
  4. Click the Aviator link to be redirected to the game lobby instantly. Over there, you will find the game already in session. This shouldn’t surprise you though as the Aviator game plays in real time 24/7. Simply wait for the current game session to end so that you can place your bets for the next round and join in the action.        

Round Off 

As Goldrush South Africa is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, it means that you can access and play the products it offers even on the go. If you are a big fan of the Aviator game hence you can’t wait to enjoy it only when you reach home, then it means you can enjoy it wherever you are using your mobile device.